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Exploring STEM Out of the Box

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As the world evolves so should the way we teach.

The world is not made up of lectures, desk, and whiteboards. Why do we teach our students using a method that may not prepare them for the real world? With our Dream STEAM NGSS fully aligned kits, students will be presented with a real world problem they can solve with the tools provided in the kit. Using curriculum created for teachers by teachers, students will be inspired to explore, encouraged to problem-solve, and enabled to fully comprehend complex ideas. Science has never been this easy for teachers to facilitate. Every kit comes with all of the supplies needed to reach every child. If it’s not in your desk, it’s in the kit!

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This was a fun project for my class...loved how I didn’t have to create it!
— N.C. 1st grade teacher
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Meet the DreamSTEAM Kits.


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