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The Kits

So, what is a DreamSTEAM Kit?

Every teacher knows the feeling of wanting to provide amazing lessons to your kids, but are limited with time and money. Too many teachers spend countless amounts of money and time purchasing materials for their students. Imagine having everything you need for engaging hands-on lessons for you and your fellow teachers?  Imagine dream steam kits. Made by teachers for teachers who know what it's like to shop for lesson supplies. We've made sure that all of our lessons have the freedom for teachers to personalize the lessons for their class, allow creativity by their students, and still provide NGSS aligned lessons that teach mastery of the concepts. And no shopping involved! If it's not in your desk - it's in the kit.

Each DreamSTEAM kit includes:

  • An NGSS teacher created lesson plan

  • All supplies needed for 3 classes of 30 students

  • Supplementary materials

  • Teacher created rubrics

  • Created by educators for educators

  • Featured on Workbench (now owned by Google)

  • Realia and student examples

  • Hands-on centered activities

  • Tech integrated enrichments

  • Tips from teachers on how to make every lesson a dream

  • Integrating Playposit and Peardeck for engaging and interactive lessons

Everything was in the kit - literally EVERYTHING! My kids loved it and I didn’t have to shop for stuff
— B. R. 2nd Grade Teacher
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Take A Look At The Action

Our goal is always to promote creativity, innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and to maximize student engagement, every student will come up with something different with no two results being the same! 

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