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Time is precious and limited in the classroom. With more requirements of teachers than ever before, there has been a slow and steady cut of vital content. Science and the Arts are just a few of the subjects that have been placed on the back burner. DreamSTEAM was developed by teachers who have over 65 years of combined teaching experience in the classroom and who saw a need for science to be prioritized and made simpler for teachers to access. Our goal is to provide STEAM lessons based on NGSS standards that infuse technology, helping students to become problem-solvers ready for the unknown STEAM careers of the future.

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The DreamSteam Team

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Kristin Bowling

Director of Technology Services

Kristin has been teaching 4th -6th grade for over 20 years and training teachers in technology for 18+ of those years. She is someone who is always looking for ways to engage learners of all ages, and encourage them to try new things.  Helping bring classrooms into the 21st century has made a world of difference in her teaching, management, and engagement.


Michelle Miller

Kindergarten Teacher

Michelle has been working for the Enterprise Elementary School District since 2006 with grades K-8. She has been an Instructional Technology Coach since 2016. She believes any child at any age can utilize technology to better prepare them for a successful education!


Mark Lewin

Science Teacher

Mark Lewin, a current Instructional Technology Coach, has taught for 20 years in grades 2-6, and has taught hands-on math to high school students at the Shasta College Upward Bound program since 2010, as well as Curriculum for Simpson University. He also has been involved in Math, Science, and STEM grants through the Shasta County Office of Education. His passion is to bring experiential science learning to students, including taking students skiing, hiking, and spelunking.


Tiffany Rodrigues

Language Arts and History Teacher

Tiffany has been teaching in Enterprise Elementary School District since 2007, starting in first grade, and then moving to teach Language Arts and History at Parsons Junior High School for 7 years. She transferred to Instructional Technology in January of 2015, then spent a year teaching part-time and being a Technology Coach. Tiffany believes bringing technology to the classroom can transform education and can prepare students for the unknown that is the future.


Chris Adey

Technology Support Specialist

Chris fixes the Chromebooks. He also cleans and manages our carts and devices. Chris cooks a mean hot dog! Need your yard landscaped? He does that too! Chris plays some wicked drums! He pretty much does a little bit of everything.



Lynn Kingsford

Office Guru Extraordinaire

Lynn spends her time in the Edtech office. Among all of her work duties, she encourages and lifts up the team, bringing a little bit of sanity to the crazy team. If you call the office, you will be met by Lynn's sweet voice and guidance.



Jenny Hullinger

Language Arts Teacher

Jenny is newer to the EdTech department and brings with her a rich history of teacher experience. She has taught Jr. High Language Arts and Social Studies as well as mentored new teachers.


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